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Well the worlds have been over for a few weeks now and I'm at home looking back on how it went. I finished up with two golds from the track and two bronze medals from the road events.

Once again I found myself at the mercy of the Spanish on the road. I had spent a lot of time and effort this year on improving my timetrialing, but on the day it just didn't seem to happen, maybe I'm just no good at going up hill !!

Not everthing went the way I wanted but the back-up team were great. So a big Thank You to Gary Brickley(my coach) and the rest, that's Dave, Chris, Spike, Alex, Natalie and Amy. Time should never be a consideration, only the colour of the medals, but missing the record in the pursuit was particually disappointing as i felt that I was in the right sort of form to take some time off it.

Unfortunately I was unable to catch up with my good friend Jaco from South Africa as he had had a nasty tumble just before and suffered some pretty bad injuries. I did get to find his website though. A very interesting read, you can see it at Get well soon mate.


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