Having Trouble Finding Paralympic TV Coverage?

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There is a lot less TV coverage of the Paralympics than there is of the Olympics. The BBC has some 'Red Button' coverage, which requires digital TV and does not start until 17:00 Beijing time, there is also a highlights show each evening.

America has it worse, no live coverage at all, just a series of highlights starting October 8, see the New York times post where Americans can watch the paralympics.

Some help is at hand however, I watched the British cycling Golds via the International Paralympic Committee's Paralympic Sport TV streaming video site.

1 Comment

I cannot believe the BBC for its almost invisible coverage of the paralympics, shame on them - as too the british press !!!!!

I for one was glued to the TV for the Olympics, and was all set to carry on cheering for our paralympic team ...... but alas theres hardly any covage to cheer to.

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