Beijing No Go !


Well on Friday we eventually got a reply from Beijing about the hour record. Unfortunately they turned us down as too many different organisation over there would be involved.
We've now asked the Danish if we can do it at their round , in Copenhagen , next month. Hopefully they'll say yes , I've only been to Denmark once and it was only for an hour and a half !
Space and Solutions ( have stepped in as a backer for the attempt , so everything now seems to be in place , except for A place !


Darren - my son, Jamie, is 7 and has CP. We're both great fans of yours and watched you do your stuff in Beijing. Many congratulations for that and good luck with getting the hour record going.

Hi Darren
I work at Moors Valley Country Park and am organising events for National Bike Week in June.
I realise your diary is probably full already but as you live in Verwood I thought if you could make it, having an inspirational gold medal winning cyclist leading a family ride around the park would be fantastic to get people on to their bikes. We will be planning lots of other events too, so even if you could just come along that would be great. Bike week is from 13th -21st June.
I know it's a long shot but here's hoping!
Good luck with the hour record.


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